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Office Cleaning

There are several different services, but the main thing we do is maintenance cleaning.

House Cleaning

You can book maintenance or deep cleaning for your property.

Apartment Cleaning

Please contact us to book an apartment deep cleaning in Tallinn area.

Sofa Cleaning

A textile cleaning service restores the sofa to its original appearance.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning includes cleaning windows and their frames both inside and out.

Post Construction Cleaning

We provide cleaning after the renovation or the construction.

Cleaning Services

Your home, office, warehouse, etc. could and should always be clean. Dirt produces various bacteria and allergens, which are very harmful to health and can cause various respiratory diseases. Often people have no idea where or how much dirt they have. The simplest and most general cleaning service we offer is maintenance cleaning. If you value free time and cleanliness, contact us!

You're resting, we're cleaning

The list of frequently asked questions:

Yes, a cleaning lady speaks English.

You don’t have to be at home during the cleaning.

No. We use our cleaning supplies and tools.

Yes, we recommend that you inspect the object before paying or notify us within 12 hours if there is anything you are not happy with.

You can pay for the service in cash or by bank transfer.

As a rule, maintenance cleaning can be done in 1h-4h usually. Deep cleaning takes more time, depending on the property size.