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Window Cleaning

Window cleaning includes cleaning windows and their frames both inside and out.
When washing windows, we use special supplies that ensure maximum cleanliness and quality of the windows.
For best results, we recommend window cleaning during the dry and warmer seasons.
Regular window washing ensures clean windows and a good view. We recommend performing window cleaning 2x a year – in spring and autumn.

The price of window cleaning depends on several factors:

  • the number of windows and their size
  • difficult or easy access from outside
  • the presence of double glazing
  • the need for the truck

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We have all the cleaning accessories and we can use eco-friendly supplies on request. You do not have to be at home during the cleaning. After the cleaning is finished you check the result and if you are happy with the job done we will send you the invoice.

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All our work is insured by ERGO for 50,000 euros.


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If necessary, we can use ecological cleaning products.


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