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Maintenance Cleaning

Maintenance cleaning is a set of tasks aimed at maintaining cleanliness and order in your home without deep cleaning. It primarily involves dusting surfaces, mopping the floor, and other basic home care tasks. It’s an excellent balance between time and quality, allowing you to keep your home in great condition without extra effort.

Included in maintenance cleaning are the following tasks:

Kitchen: Dusting all accessible surfaces, thorough floor cleaning, gentle cleaning of kitchen countertops, basic maintenance of furniture and appliances, cleaning the kitchen sink, and glass interior elements.

Bathroom/Toilet: Removing dust from all accessible surfaces, comprehensive floor cleaning, disinfecting switches and door handles, gentle cleaning of the sink, bathtub, and toilet, cleaning of mirrors and glass surfaces.

Living spaces/Entrance hall: Dusting all accessible surfaces, thorough floor cleaning, disinfecting switches and door handles, cleaning glass and mirror elements, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets.


Busy People: If you have a tight schedule and no time for deep cleaning, maintenance cleaning is an ideal way to maintain cleanliness.

Families with Young Children: To create a healthy environment for a growing child without spending all free time cleaning.

Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs: For those whose business takes up a significant portion of their time, maintenance cleaning helps keep the home in order with minimal effort.

Short-term Rentals: Perfect for those renting or leasing properties for short periods.

Elderly People: For those who, due to age or health conditions, cannot undertake heavy cleaning.

Students and Singles: For those living alone or with roommates and don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning.

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