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Painting service

Eliitserv provides various types of painting services in Tallinn and its surroundings. By ordering wall painting, ceiling painting or a full package of painting works from us, you will receive a high quality result. We give guarantees for all types of house painting work done by our company.

What is included in the painting service?

Painting service includes: removing old wallpaper, plastering walls and ceilings, wall painting or wallpapering.

What type of house painting do I need?

If you have a new house and there are gypsum walls, then you can only order puttying and painting the walls and ceiling. If you decide to renovate an old home, then most likely you need to order the removal of old wallpaper, plastering, puttying, painting walls and ceilings.

Painting service price:

  • removal of old wallpaper – 3 euro / m2
  • wall painting  (2 layers) – 8 euro / m2
  • ceiling painting  (2 layers) – 8 euro / m2
  • puttying + sanding – 6 euro / m2
  • plastering – 6 euro / m2
  • wallpapering – 8 euro / m2
  • full package of works (puttying, grinding, painting) – 14 euros / m2

The price includes only work, putty, paint and other materials are paid by the client separately.

How to book a house painting service?

You can order any type of painting work from us by filling out the form, by calling 53-33-05-21 or by writing to